You will never find time for anything. You must make it.
— Charles Buxton. M

Originally from Manchester, NH, I now live and work in the beautiful seacoast town of York, Maine with my husband and two lively, adventurous, imaginative young children. A graduate from St. Michael's College in VT my full time jobs include doing marketing and other various jobs for Wiggly Bridge Distillery as well as work at Burnette's Campground in the summer time. 

I started writing children's books for my kids and nephews each Christmas. I write stories, draw them, and upload to shutterfly for an instant book. It has evolved into something that I enjoy and wanted to get more out of.  

What I have come to realize in the past few years is that there is really no perfect time to pursue your dreams. There is really no perfect time to do anything. You have to make the absolute best of what you have and push hard for it and work hard for it.

When you have a dream and a passion, you can make time for almost anything. 

I hope that my children's books, The Robot & The Ballerina and I love you to Planet Peas & Carrots, are two of many books I am able to publish in my lifetime and hope I can give back in the future to help inspire anyone who is open to it. Eventually, I hope to start the foundation called Stories for Students as my way to give back and stay involved in community. I've learned I have to take small steps to get to my dreams, but it IS possible to reach them. I appreciate everyone who has taken interest and appreciate my writing. Thank you!