Here you'll find my current projects and projects that I'm just scratching the surface on, but hope to bring to fruition in my lifetime!


The Robot & The Ballerina

This will be my first officially published children's book. It's due to come out at the end of March 2017. It's about a girl named Belle and a robot named Carl. Belle is a bright, fun, adventurous little girl. She loves to dress as a ballerina who pirouettes and chasses her way through her every day life and adventures. She finds a box in the trash and her imagination runs wild. 



Wiggly Bridge Distillery

This is the project that is the most time consuming other than being a mom! It is also one of my favorite jobs. My father-in-law and husband, David and David, started the distillery in 2012. I like to say that they make the hooch and I like to promote it. Being a small family business we have to keep the numbers real and get creative on marketing without spending a ton of money like the big boys do. I love coming up with creative fun ideas to help get our amazing craft spirits noticed.